My Muscle Builder Book 4 now available!

My Muscle Builder Book Level 4 is here! I love how it turned out and I'm so excited for it (and the other levels that are also in the planning stages...).

Level 4 of the My Muscle Builder Books builds on piano techniques already learned in books 1 through 3. In this book the student will learn the black-key 5-finger scales, finger cross-overs, the blues scale and more!

Many have asked why I did not introduce the black-key scales in a previous level. I have used these books with students as young as five years old, and I wanted those little fingers to get a chance to get used to the trickier fingerings before diving into the black keys. I am excited to now have all of the major five-finger scales covered in the Muscle Builder Books, and I think students will excel in these black-key scales that contain a lot of thumbs crossing under and fingers crossing over, especially after the material covered in book 3.

In this book, students will also play their scales in many various articulations to encourage expression at the piano. As always, it is in downloadable e-book format. Level 4 contains 22 pages. You will receive a link for instant download following payment.

I recommend printing this as a booklet with 2 pages per sheet, and stapling it together.

Here is a little preview of what you will find in Book 4:

Here's what other teachers are saying about My Muscle Builder Books!

"The illustrations make it almost impossible for a child to practice errors! The students enjoy seeing their progress and becoming very familiar with the curriculum by the time they are midway through."
"I like that it's a book I can distribute to my students without making them buy another book. It has most of the technique things I'd really like them to know and my students like that it's fast and repetitive. They really like activities that give them opportunities to earn many stickers. I like that they're more visual with pictures of keyboards rather than notes on a staff."
"I like that it is colorful without being babyish and the instructions are simple and clear making it "easy" for children to learn."
"You have done a great job putting this together and made it attractive." 
"I love, love, love your books. Thank you so much."
You may purchase My Muscle Builder Book 4 here, or you can find it here in the Teaching Studio Store. 

My Muscle Builder Book 4
Price: $10.00

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