My Muscle Builders Book: Level 2 now available!

Hello, hello! Happy Monday evening! I hope that many of you have been able to use and enjoy my first Muscle Builder Book. I know that my students have done an amazing job in learning all of their scales and chords, and have enjoyed learning them with the help of this fun little book.

For ages now I have been working on the level 2 book - deciding what I wanted to be in there, trying exercises with my young students who just whizzed through level 1, and so on. I am so excited tonight to announce that I have finished the "My Muscle Builder Book 2" and it is now available for purchase as a digital download in The Teaching Studio Store.
So, let me tell you a little about this book! My goal for this book, other than the obvious of teaching my students scales, chords, and such and improving their technique, is to build a super strong foundation of chord-playing, and to help them really be able to play in any key. I want them to have the tools necessary not only just to read music and sight read a piece, but I want them to be good, well-rounded musicians who can harmonize a melody with chords. I want them to have a great understanding of the way music works - not only to just understand it and get it, but be able to do something with it. I think this will be an excellent tool for developing those creative keyboard and harmonization skills down the road. So I am super excited!

Here's a bit of a preview:

The book really stresses knowing how to spell the chords. Students will do lots of review of the chords learned in book 1 and will get pretty good at playing them.

Along with the major scales and chords, minor is also introduced in this book.

We do a lot of review of the same material, but do so in different and fun ways. These "Fancy Arpeggios" help encourage musicianship, good piano posture, fun with dynamics, pedal-playing, and leaning your body into the notes instead of scooting all over the bench.

We do more hands-together five-finger scales in this book, as well as scales in contrary motion. The book continually stresses the importance of curved fingers and playing on fingertips - gotta develop that good technique!
We also get into chord inversions! I am continually amazed at my young students (6, 7 years old) who catch on so quickly to these concepts. All chord inversions include colorful pictures with note names and correct fingerings for developing good habits from the get-go.

I hope you all enjoy this new technique booklet! It is available on this page, as well as in The Teaching Studio Store. It is 37 pages, and is in digital e-book format. You will receive an email with an instant download link following payment. You are encouraged to print off as many copies as you'd like for use in your own private studio

My Muscle Builders Book 2
Price: $10.00

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