Lesson Plans

Creative music class lesson plans designed to help young children experience music through song, movement, and play! Each lesson plan is for a one-hour session and contains everything needed to teach your class, including student take-home books, sheet music, visuals, craft tutorials/instructions, etc. E-book format.
(Price - $10.00 each)

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Teaching Resources

Technique booklets for young students are fun and colorful and help teach scales, arpeggios, chords and more! Includes dozens of "picture scales" to help students learn scales, fingerings and more.
(Price - $10.00 each for My Muscle Builders Book 2, 3, & 4)

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Giant floor banners for music instruction and play! Purchase the custom graphic needed to make these 3' by 8' banners.
(Price for custom graphics - $3.00 each)

Manipulatives Bundles to go with the giant floor banners. These round flashcards are made to fit the giant floor banners perfectly and may be used for a variety of activities.

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Miscellaneous Teaching Resources:

Composer Valentines - A Valentines Day activity/handout to help teach students of all ages and levels music appreciation and the joy of music!
(Price for Composer Valentines - $2.00)

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Piano Pirate Incentive Pack - A fun pirate-themed incentive pack for your studio! This is an 11-week incentive program that includes a piano treasure map, student "Pirate Assignment Books" and more!
(Price for Piano Pirate Incentive Pack - $10.00)

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Building Blocks of Piano - Practicing Incentive Program - This fun Lego-themed incentive program encourages well-rounded musicianship and consistent practice by focusing on four elements of piano lessons - Builders, Pieces, Creativity and Theory.
(Price for Building Blocks of Piano Incentive Program  - $10.00)

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