My Muscle Builder Book: Level 3!

I have been so pleased with my students' progress in my other two Muscle Builder Books (and have gotten great feedback from you readers, as well!), and I am so excited to be offering level 3 of the My Muscle Builder Book, available now in The Teaching Studio Store. (If you haven't had the chance to check out Level 1 and Level 2 yet, I recommend it! My students have really excelled in their understanding of chords and scales using these books!)

Book 3 builds on the foundation of successful completion of Books 1 & 2. (So by now, students should know:

how to play all 7 white-key major and minor chords, arpeggios, and 5-finger scales, both hands
how each white-key major chord is spelled by memory
how to listen and identify major vs. minor chords
how to transpose simple songs from one five-finger position to another
the 7 major chord inversions in broken chords (walking up the keys) and block chords, right hand
how to play staccato and legato scales
how to play five-finger scales in opposite motion
how to listen and identify 2nds and 3rds)

In my studio, I have had young students who have taken lessons for about a year, and are in the Faber "My First Piano Adventures" Book C who are totally ready for My Muscle Builders Book 3. They are super confident in playing major white-key chords and arpeggios and are ready to move onto some more techniques!

 Here are some previews of Book 3:

We learn some thumb preparation exercises to get ready to play full scales (one octave, hands alone): 

We learn five full scales (one octave, hands alone):

We do some tonic/dominant chord exercises in 7 major keys:

We review the major chords, this time using an Alberti bass pattern in the left hand: 

...and more!

Like the other two Muscle Builder Books, this includes lots of fun, colorful "picture scales" so even students in lower levels of music-reading will be able to play these, no problem. Each technique is broken down into short and manageable exercises, and there is a place to pass off each individual exercise with a sticker or check mark. I have found that, generally, students can work on and master a couple of exercises per week. Of course, some may go quite a bit faster and some may need more time! 

This book is 28 pages long and is in downloadable e-book format. I recommend printing it in booklet format (double-sided with two pages per sheet - so when you fold it the pages are in the right order!), so check your printer settings before printing! That way it can be folded and stapled into a nice little booklet. I often use small round stickers to pass off exercises, and to place on the circles of the picture scales. The price is $10.00 and it is available to purchase here in this post, or over in The Teaching Studio Store under Teaching Resources For Sale.

And, what's an exciting new teaching resource on The Teaching Studio without a GIVEAWAY to go with it???

I want to give away a Muscle Builder Book to TWO lucky readers! Leave me a comment on this post for an entry into the giveaway! I will give away one copy of My Muscle Builders Book 2, and one copy of My Muscle Builders Book 3! (Remember, Book 1 is available as a FREE download - check it out!) Receive one extra entry by sharing about this giveaway via Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Giveaway ends this Friday, March 8 at 10:00 pm, Central Time. Have a great day!

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