giveaway winner, and Summer Music Activity Jar freebie!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for the free copy of our Rushing Water preschool lesson plan! Our lucky winner is:

Blogger xiaoxu wen said...
It's so thrilled.I'm teaching my Chinese students how to enjoy picture books and music.Yesterday,I found this blog,the content is just what I want,I can learn so many funny methods of teaching music,thank you!I would love to win a copy,
wish me luck!
20/2/13 4:29 PM

Congratulations, xiaoxu wen!! Please be sure to contact me and let me know what your email address is so I can get you your free download!

Be sure to check out our "Rushing Water" lesson plan all about short and long in music, as well as our other fun preschool music lesson plans!

And now I'd like to share a new freebie that is available on the Free Printables page. I've been thinking a lot about the importance that parents and home environments play in encouraging children to be musical and to succeed in musical training. As a teacher I can only do so much, but if the parents create a home environment where music is appreciated, valued and USED (singing, playing instruments, listening), and if they encourage their child to love music, then the child will be SO much more likely to succeed in music training and lessons.

So, I created a fun printable to help parents have a fun, musical summer with their children! The Summer Music Activity Jar contains lots of simple musical activities to do with your child. Simply download the file, print it out, cut out the strips and put them in a jar. Whenever you and your child want a fun musical activity to do, simply pull out a strip and follow the directions! There are listening activities, movement activities, craft activities, computer activities, hands-on instrument activities and more. Should be a fun way to have a more musical summer at home! Hope you enjoy!

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