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This GIANT piano puzzle is an excellent way to introduce young children to the topography of the keyboard and to teach them about the groups of black keys.  Read the original post here.

This game was designed to teach preschool-aged students the difference between high and low on the keyboard. It is also a wonderful tool for improvisation and exploration at the piano. Read the original post here.

A form to record pieces students have heard and would love to learn! Helps encourage music listening and music appreciation. Read the original post here 

A brief history of piano music in the four major musical periods. Read the original post here.

A simple way to keep track of lessons attended and tuition paid, and also a great way to lesson plan! Read the original post here

A free printable booklet of my technique program for beginning students! Five-finger scales, arpeggios & chords in a cute booklet format! Read the original post here

A fun Easter egg flashcard game for elementary-level students. Read the original post here

A simple point card for piano students to keep track of points earned for various activities. Once there is a sticker on each note of the keyboard, the student earns a small prize! 

This cute snack mat slips into a sheet protector. Children can listen for high and low, loud and soft, short and long, etc. and put small snacks in the correct location. Great for introducing ear training! Read original post here.

Musical Memory: Middle C Position Notes on the Staff

A fun and simple alternative to flashcards - a memory game! Great for young students learning the notes on the staff.

Summer Music Activity Jar

Print and cut out the strips of paper. Whenever you want a fun summer music activity to do with your kids, have them choose a strip of paper from the jar!

 Piano Lesson Contract

A printable teacher-parent-student contract to review with new and existing students the responsibilities of each party in regards to the student's piano lessons. Let's get these parents more involved and help our students progress! Read original post here.

A Merry Musical Christmas: Piano Advent Calendar

This fun activity will encourage good practicing skills as students count down the days until Christmas with a Christmas practicing activity each day of December. It includes a variety of activities to practice sight reading, performing, technique, theory and more. Merry Christmas!

Piano Muscle Builders for Older Beginners, Level 1 - Technique Booklet

This Piano Muscle Builders book is made specifically for older beginners, such as teenagers and adults. It covers the same material as in the My Muscle Builders Book 1 and much of the material in the My Muscle Builders Book 2, including five-finger scales, simple arpeggios, and block chords in all of the white-key major and minor keys. It is less cutesy and more concise than the My Muscle Builder books for kids. It contains technical reminders, articulation suggestions and more theory explanations and terminology, so students can understand what they are playing, develop correct techniques and play with a musical purpose. The book concludes with a review of concepts learned, where students have a chance to spell all of the chords, play the scales and chords all in a row, and notate each major and minor chord on the staff. Read original post here.

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