What to teach at a first lesson?

I absolutely loved Bonnie's post on teaching a first lesson. There are so many wonderful things she said; I particularly love how she emphasized making it fun and exciting, and about nurturing the wonder of music in the student's mind.

Yes, this is a huge and varied topic, depending completely on the personality, age, skill level, experience level and attention span of each student. Here are a few of my thoughts, to add to Bonnie's, on the topic of teaching a first lesson:

Now let's pretend your new student is a six- or seven-year-old beginner who has not had previous piano lessons. Here is a sample list of concepts to go over in the first lesson, and a few ideas on how to teach them. I like to make sure we cover technique, theory and repertoire in each lesson. Keep in mind that every student is different. Sometimes you will not have enough time to go over everything on this list; sometimes you will get through it in ten minutes! So be prepared but be flexible. And obviously you want to get through this information, but do it in a fun and interesting way! Put your own personality into it.

So there you have it, some ideas to get you started! Now tell me - what do YOU do at a first lesson? What concepts do you feel are important to go over? What things do you do to make it fun and exciting?

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