interviewing & auditioning

A few more thoughts on finding students:

Hooray, you got a phone call from a prospective student! what?

When I get phone calls or emails from people interested in piano lessons, I usually 1) am very pleasant, 2) ask for some basic info about the student's age and musical background, 3) give some pertinent info about myself/my studio, 4) get their email address, 5) set up a meeting/audition for the prospective student to come meet me and play for me, and 6) follow up with an email to the parent (or adult student) with a copy of my studio policy and a helpful link.

Seriously, sometimes you need a sort of "script" planned out as to what you need to tell them and what you need to ask them. At least I did when I was starting out.

Then, when they come and meet me/audition for my studio, here's what we do:
Student Information Sheet

What do YOU do to "interview" new students? Any ideas on how to make you and your studio stand out to prospective students?

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