Teaching Ideas From Around the Web

One thing I love about this day and age and the technology we have is how we as piano teachers can share so many ideas with each other to improve one another's teaching. I love the things that I create for my own teaching, but I am also so grateful for others' fantastic ideas, and I am so grateful that we can each benefit from each others' ideas and strengths in the piano-teaching field.

Visit Kristin's awesome website!
Last year I had a guest post from Kristin Jensen, an amazing and creative piano teacher who has a fantastic website all about teaching ear training and improvisation to young piano students. I would encourage you to go back and take a look at all the new resources she has available. She has so many neat improv activities on her blog with step-by-step instructions (often with videos) on how to simply teach a child to improv on the piano. Many of her activities are simple enough for parents and children to do together, which I love! I also love her collection of theory worksheets and games - we could all use more of those to amp up our teaching!

Some other ideas I am loving lately from around the web:

These Animal Alphabet Clothespin Matching Cards from Susan Paradis - what a fun idea! I love piano resources that cater to the younger children, and this is a clever one.

This Practice Makes Awesome pencil found in an Etsy shop (thank you, Pinterest!). This could be a perfect addition to the Building Blocks of Piano Practice Incentive (if you've seen the Lego Movie, you'll understand ;))

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