The Building Blocks of Piano Incentive Program

Sometimes our students need a little extra motivation to get their practicing done each week. We as teachers also hope to train well-rounded musicians who not only can play some fun repertoire, but have a good knowledge of music theory, great technique and also some foundational keyboard skills to use in creating and composing their own music. I have created a fun incentive program to help motivate students to practice consistently in each of these categories. I created this program with my 6-year-old son in mind, as he loves building with Legos!

This incentive program focuses on four elements of piano lessons to help students become well-rounded musicians. Builders (Muscle Builders, technique exercises, etc.), Pieces (repertoire), Creativity (improvisation, composition, etc.), and Theory.

Students earn blocks for daily practice of assigned "projects" in each category! They keep track by coloring in blocks on their practice chart (included), then are awarded for their practicing. Students can keep track of their progress with the printable building blocks by "building" something with them in their student binder.

Download includes Weekly Project Assignment Sheets (with practice chart), Building Blocks of Piano chart to hang in studio, Practicing Progress Charts to keep track of each student's progress, printable building block pieces and building sheet for student binder, and Master Practicer certificate.

This is the part I am really excited about! You can opt to award each colored practicing block with an actual Lego or other brand piece. Students fill up a jar throughout the semester, and at the end of the semester they get to keep the Lego pieces they earned!

Just so you can get an idea of how long it would take to fill up a jar, pictured here is a 22-oz jar filled with a variety of blocks. This size jar would be filled up with daily practice (meaning all 7 days) in each of the four categories within six weeks. It would take longer for only 5 or 6 practice days per week, and for occasionally missing days or not practicing in each of the categories.

I really like this set of Lego pieces (LEGO Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow Set 6177 ); not a bad deal for 650 pieces! 

Here are a couple of samples - first the Weekly Project Assignment Sheet, where you can assign an activity in each of the four areas. Students color in the blocks for practicing done. At the end of the semester, students who have earned a set number of blocks (you decide!) get this Master Practicer certificate! You may even decide to award those students with a studio party, including watching The LEGO Movie or another fun activity of your choice!

The Building Blocks of Piano incentive program may be purchased here, or in The Teaching Studio Store.

Price: $10.00

Happy building - and practicing!