Birds of a Feather Lesson Plan Now Available!

Now available for purchase in The Teaching Studio Store is the last lesson plan in the Mighty Musicians Piano Camp - Birds of a Feather!

For those not familiar with the Mighty Musicians class, it is written specifically for children ages 5 and 6 - they are a little bit older than the preschoolers, so they have a little bit longer attention spans but oodles of energy and creativity! This class is perfect for them because it is a nice introduction to piano lessons in a fun and active group setting. At each class, students learn to play a simple pre-staff notation piece on the piano. We also focus a lot on creative composition in this class, and at each lesson children will compose their own song! It is tons of fun.

I love this lesson! Using seven feathered friends, students are introduced to the musical alphabet and the names of the white keys on the piano.

Children will enjoy a creative listening activity and movement and dancing to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake;” will sing a song, and learn a poem all about birds to help remember the notes on the piano; will be introduced to Johann Strauss’s famous “Blue Danube Waltz” and will learn some fun lyrics about our feathered friends; will decorate their own duck craft and have fun making it “quack” to the music; will play a pre-staff notation piece on the piano using the newly-learned notes on the keyboard; will compose their own creative piano piece; and will have fun learning all about the musical alphabet through song, play, movement, listening and art.

As always, it includes a printable take-home book to send home with each student. I love these take-home books! They include full-color graphics, overviews of concepts covered, lyrics to songs learned at class (so parents can sing along at home!), a pre-staff notation piece for the students to play on the piano, and more!

Here are a few little sneak peeks of what is included:

It is a fun class, that's for sure! I hope you enjoy it! As always, you can purchase it in The Teaching Studio Store, or at the bottom of this post.

Includes a student Take-Home Book! 70 pages. Book is in downloadable e-book format.

This lesson plan is number 4 and the final lesson in our five-week Mighty Musicians piano class (or Day 4 in a week-long camp).

Birds of a Feather Lesson Plan
Price: $10.00

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