Now Available: Vivaldi's Four Seasons Preschool Piano Camp!

Well guys, I am very excited to announce that we finally have our Early Explorers: Vivaldi's Four Seasons Camp available for purchase! It's been a long time coming. Many of you have already purchased and taught our Spring, Autumn and Winter lesson plans and have probably been wondering when our Summer plan would be available. Well we finally have it up and ready to go, and we think you are going to love it! We are offering all four lesson plans, along with some camp-planning extras, in one nifty bundle.

If you are looking for a fun summer music camp for preschoolers, look no further. This Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Piano Camp will introduce your young students to a year of music, going through each season from Spring through Winter. It works perfectly as a week-long, four-day camp, or as a month-long once-a-week class. This camp includes the following lesson plans: Spectacular Spring, Sizzling Summer, Amazing Autumn and Wondrous Winter. 

Students will explore the four seasons through song, play, stories, movement, listening and art. Musical concepts covered in this four-lesson camp include: high and low, introduction to the keyboard, introduction to the musical staff, solfege, fast and slow, composition, beat, rhythm, one note versus many notes (chords), and more! Students will learn some music terminology (lento, largo, vivace, andante, tempo, staff, keyboard, etc.). They will make and take home several fun crafts (a springtime scene, paper flower hats, wearable fairy wings and turtle shells, a homemade drum and a snowman craft). 

Children will be introduced to several pieces of classical music, including Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter from Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons; To Spring by Edvard Grieg; Summertime by George Gershwin; Summer Fairy by Sergei Prokofiev; Tortoises from Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens; Flying Leaves by Carl Kolling; and Troika by Sergei Prokofiev. 

Most importantly, students will play, jump, dance, sing, move, explore, listen, create, and have a blast as they experience and discover the joy of music!

The bundle includes a Vivaldi's Four Seasons Camp Planner packet, chock-full of forms and documents to help you plan and organize your class. It includes registration forms, participant rosters, flyers, certificates of completion and more. We've done all the work for you to make your summer preschool music camp planning a breeze.

For those who purchase the lesson plans separately, the Vivaldi's Four Seasons Camp Planner will also be available for separate purchase.

For more information on each individual lesson plan, please visit the Lesson Plans page of The Teaching Studio Store!

But first, can I tell you about our summer lesson plan? Because it is so much fun! We call it Sizzling Summer!

In this lesson, children learn all about fast and slow in music. We use Vivaldi's Summer to tell and act out a story about Tempo Forest and the fairies and forest animals who live there. We meet lots of fun animals that move fast and slow!

We do some fun summertime movement activities to help us learn about fast and slow in music. The children are introduced to Gershwin's Summertime and we learn and sing some new words that help us remember a musical word for slow!

We make and decorate some adorable fairy wings and turtle shells that students get to wear and take home! And if your students are anything like my daughter, they will not want to ever take them off.....

(The lesson plan includes printable templates with full instructions on how to assemble the fairy wings and turtle shells.)

And what is summertime without a lemonade stand? Our Musical Lemonade Stand activity teaches about fast and slow rhythms in music, composition and listening.

Here are a few sample pages from the lesson plan so you can get a better idea of what it includes:

I hope you enjoy our Sizzling Summer lesson plan, and the complete Vivaldi's Four Seasons Preschool Piano Camp! They would make an awesome addition to your summer teaching plans. Purchase below or in The Teaching Studio Store.

Early Explorers: Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Preschool Piano Camp
Includes: Vivaldi's Four Seasons Camp Planner
Spectacular Spring!
Sizzling Summer!
Amazing Autumn!
Wondrous Winter!
Price: $38.00
Digital download

Vivaldi's Four Seasons Camp Planner
19 pages of forms & documents
to help plan your Early Explorers camp
Includes: registration forms, participant rosters, flyers,
certificates of completion and more!
Price: $5.00
Digital download

Sizzling Summer! Lesson Plan

187 pages, Digital download
Price: $10.00

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