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Well, happy weekend everyone! I am super duper proud of myself for posting TWICE in one week (yay!), and excited to have yet another new lesson plan available! It is all thanks to the fact that we are MOVING in about three weeks, and I am trying to get things done before we pack up and go. My awesome husband is graduating from optometry school, and he got a job in Ogden, Utah. So, it seems all too appropriate that this next lesson plan to become available is all about mountains.

This lesson is part of our Mighty Musicians class, written especially for 5 and 6-year-olds. I really love these classes. It is a ton of fun, and this age group is amazing - they love to have fun and play and move to the music, they have a little bit better attention spans than those younger preschoolers, and they also are getting to that stage where they are ready for actual piano lessons! In fact, the Mighty Musicians class is a perfect introduction to piano lessons, and is a great way to determine which kids are actually ready for one-on-one lessons.

Each Mighty Musicians lesson includes a variety of activities to help teach the concepts in different fun ways. The format of each class is as follows:

Welcome - children sing the "Mighty Musicians" theme song and are introduced to the theme of the lesson!
Guided Listening - children are introduced to some great works of classical music and do various listening activities
Musical Concepts - musical concepts are taught in fun and hands-on ways
Sing & Move - children sing and move to classical music
Piano Primer - each child has an opportunity to play a pre-staff notation song on the piano
Creative Composition - children combine composition and art to use the concepts learned to write their own piece
Composition Performance - students have a chance to perform their composition for one another!

In this lesson plan, students learn that notes move up and down on the staff. Children will enjoy climbing their own “musical mountain” while learning how notes move up and down on the staff; will be introduced to Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” through fun listening and movement activities; will love singing and moving to “Simple Gifts;” will play a five-finger scale on the piano; will compose their own piece with notes moving up and down; and will have fun learning all about notes on the staff through song, play, movement, listening and art.

Here are a few previews of what this fun lesson plan includes:

Mountains & Hills is now available in The Teaching Studio Store under Lesson Plans For Sale. It may also be purchased in this post.

Mountains & Hills Lesson Plan:
Notes Move Up & Down
Digital download, includes student Take-Home book!
38 pages
Price: $10.00

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