Recommended: Play It Again, Sam!

I just read a really fabulous book that I think any piano teacher will enjoy and be able to utilize in their studio and in their own learning and performing. It is by Marienne Uszler and is called Play It Again, Sam... What, Why, and When to Repeat.

I absolutely loved this book that delves into questions about repetition in piano-playing and teaching. It encourages teachers and students to stay actively engaged in the learning process and to develop an awareness and an inner feedback that will ensure thoughtful and helpful repetitions.

It differentiates between kinesthetic and conceptual learning and gives many helpful, practical tips to help your students learn better and develop better technique. It's all about differentiating between what type of skill is needed for different musical tasks - is it physical, visual, mental, auditory, or a synthesis of multiple skills? - and then knowing which skills require what type of repetition.

The author discusses how to teach your students to practice thoughtfully. I also loved the discussion on facts vs. "big ideas" and concept "chunking" - or the idea that small facts and basic concepts apply in larger examples and concepts and so on and so on until a student has a really sound understanding of advanced musical concepts and forms.

I was pleasantly surprised at the depth at which this topic was discussed, and kind of blown away by it! I had so many "a-hah" moments in reading this short book. I think it is an amazing resource for any teacher looking to improve their effectiveness.

I actually couldn't put this book down. I can't wait to apply these awesome concepts in my teaching and performing!

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