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My recommendations for pedagogy books, method books, books about music, and more!

Pedagogy Books

Practical Piano Pedagogy
by Martha Baker-Jordan

A wonderful resource for the private piano teacher. This book is unique because it includes a CD with tons of printable forms to be used in your own studio. Has a great chapter on business, and I love the chapter on "The Black Hole" of piano study (see my posts about that topic here). Read my review of this book here.

by James W. Bastien

Great resource for piano teachers; great sections on theory, fingering, editions, pre-college repertoire lists and more. Read my review here.

by Marienne Uszler, Stewart Gordon & Scott McBride Smith

This book has a lot of great suggestions for teaching more advanced students. More about it here.

by Marienne Uszler

A fabulous little book with SO many practical tips, as well as great information on how people learn. Awesome for helping students learn how to practice effectively and to develop good technique. Highly recommended! Read my full review here.

Books for Pianists (and Teachers!)

by Boris Berman

Excellent book about technique, artistry, sound production, practicing, teaching and learning. Great for the advanced student or for the teacher. Really delves deep into elements of artistry. Read more about it here.

Reference Books

by Maurice Hinson

This book is THE trusty ol' guide to all of the great piano literature for pianists. 

by Jane Magrath

I think this book is indispensable for teachers of elementary- and intermediate-level students. It is an awesome list of literature for young students with each piece graded by level, with all sorts of information on the composers and the pieces. If you teach elementary- and intermediate-aged students and ever feel at a loss for what "real" literature to assign them, then you need this book.

Method Books for Youngsters

My First Piano Adventures Series
by Nancy & Randall Faber

My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book A with CD
My First Piano Adventure, Writing Book A
My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book B with CD
My First Piano Adventure, Writing Book B
My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book C
My First Piano Adventure, Writing Book C (Piano Adventure's)

This is a really excellent series for young beginners. I have had awesome success with it with my 5- and 6-year-old students (and my son loved it when he was 4). I think that the Fabers really do a stellar job teaching good, sound technique in really fun ways (which I really appreciate!). The songs are really fun to play with great-sounding duets. The writing books have great complementary activities to reinforce concepts learned. The illustrations are bright and vivid and fun, and the characters in the book (Mrs. Razzle-Dazzle, the piano teacher, and her students) are super fun and help bring the book to life. I highly recommend this series!

Music for Little Mozarts Series
by Christine Barden, Gayle Kowalchyk & E.L. Lancaster

I also love this series for young beginners. This series is great for little ones (I have used it for 3's and 4's), and I think is particularly effective when you use the Discovery Books along with the lesson books, workbooks and flash cards. The Discovery Books are GREAT for group preschool classes as well, as they are full of fun songs. I also love that the Discovery Books do a lot with solfege. (Pictured here is the Music for Little Mozarts: Deluxe Starter Kit .)

Picture Books About Music

by Yuko Takao

This really is one of my favorite little books about music. I found it at my university's bookstore bargain bin a few years ago and have gotten much use out of it in my preschool music classes. It is simple and beautiful - a great way to teach about the joy and wonder of music. Read more about it here.

by Lemony Snicket

I highly recommend this clever and hilarious book about the instruments in an orchestra. A fun way to learn about the orchestra (and especially funny if you have ever played in one!). More about it here.

 (more to come...)
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