All Aboard! preschool music lesson plan

Our next lesson plan for our Early Explorers preschool music classes is a fun one! "All Aboard!" is a lesson all about transportation that teaches children about Forte and Piano - and it is now available for purchase in The Teaching Studio Store under "Lesson Plans for Sale."

This class was based around a great song we found by Danish composer Hans Christian Lumbye that musically tells the story of a train ride. Students receive train tickets, line up like a train, learn about some forte and piano sounds made by a train, learn some original lyrics to the song, and move like a train to the music while singing along! Here's a recording of the fun song we use:

Here's a little sample of the sheet music with our original lyrics to the song:

We also do other fun games and activities related to transportation that help teach the children all about loud and soft in music. Students review the musical alphabet, learn to use their ears to listen for loud and soft, improvise a fun train duet on the piano and make a homemade Train Shaker Instrument craft. 

This is a fun and memorable lesson! In fact, since my son has attended this class a couple of times, we have had a lot of fun singing the lyrics while listening to the Lumbye piece, both at home while moving around like a train, and in the car, where we pretend we are driving a train! So much fun.

Here are a couple of previews of what's included in the lesson:

The lesson plan, as always, includes a take-home booklet you can print and assemble for each child to take home. We love this because then they have a chance to show their parents what they've learned, and they can also have a parent help them look up the songs at home and they can then sing along together (we include all of the lyrics to the songs we sing in the take-home books). The take-home booklet comes as a color version, or as a black and white version for those who want to have their students color the book.

As always, there is also included lots of fun and colorful clipart that coincides with the theme, and that can be used as visuals to help teach lyrics, as well as used in conjunction with other games and activities used during the lesson. Craft templates and tutorials are also included.

This lesson plan is 69 pages long and is in downloadable e-book format. The price is $8.00. You may purchase it here, or you may visit the Lesson Plans page of The Teaching Studio Store, where you will find all of our lesson plans that are currently available for purchase. (And if I stay on the ball, there will hopefully still be a few more to purchase in the coming weeks!)

All Aboard! Preschool Music Lesson Plan
Price: $10.00

And...what the heck...let's do a giveaway! We'd love to give away a free copy of the All Aboard! lesson plan to one lucky reader! We really think these Early Explorers classes are wonderful and we'd love as many of you to try them out as possible. So, if you're interested in winning a free copy, leave me a comment on this post! Once again, you will get an extra entry into the giveaway by sharing about this giveaway on your Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest account, or your blog, Please leave an extra comment letting me know that you shared our giveaway. Giveaway will end on Monday, March 18 at 10:00 pm, central time, and the randomly-selected winner will be announced the next day (unless of course, like last time, I have unforeseen circumstances like sick children and the which case it will be announced soon after that :)).

Have a nice evening!