New Freebie: Musical Memory Game

Sometimes young students need a more exciting way to learn their notes on the staff. I mean, flashcards are great and all, but can get a little old. This week I made a little memory matching game for a student who needed a new way to work on her notes. This game is super simple (and let's admit it, it really isn't THAT different from actual flashcards, but puts a new twist on it!) and it's a nice way to shake things up a bit. Plus you get to get off of the bench for this one (a definite plus!)

Now available on my "Free Printables" page is a Musical Memory game.

My daughter was more than obliged to get in the picture and demonstrate the game!

Students match Middle C Position notes to their letter names

I laminated mine with my laminator and love how they turned out! These will last for a long time.

Whatever activities you decide to use with your young students, I encourage you to get off of the bench more often and find new ways to bring fun and excitement into lessons!

Download the musical memory game here or visit my Free Printables page. Enjoy!

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