My Recommendations

I don't know about you, but I love reading and learning about pedagogy, different teaching methods, and anything having to do with music. And it's great, because each different season of life I am in I am interested in some different facet of music education. Right now I am focused more on learning about early music education, since I have young children of my own!

I wanted to have a place where I could give my recommendations on pedagogy and other music books that have really helped me become a better teacher or that I have really enjoyed. I will gradually be working on updating my "I Recommend..." page to include my favorites, and I hope that some of these will help you as you strive to be a better teacher as well! Instead of just a big list, I am trying to include reasons why I like each book, and what some of my favorite sections were.

And since I am one of those people who always has a big stack of books to read (instead of just one at a time) and who has a huge wish list of books to read, I will also have a "Books to Read" section, of books that I have not yet read myself but that look interesting to me :)

My latest book I picked up is "More Than Music: Studying Suzuki Piano." I figured I didn't really know much about Suzuki's methods, and since it is very relevant to young children I thought I'd give it a read. So far I love it (at least the few pages I have read since I started it yesterday!). 

What books about music have you enjoyed recently?

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