Giveaway Sneak Peek & Free Printable!

Today I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into our Spectacular Spring! lesson plan...and give you a little portion of it for free! As part of our class, we have often used these fun Snack Mats to reinforce musical concepts...and to give the kids a chance to have a little snack and get a change of pace from other activities. We put these two pages back to back and slip them into sheet protectors. The children sit around the table with small snacks (fruit snacks, cereal, goldfish crackers, raisins, etc.) and we do ear training and other activities. The children can listen for high or low notes, for example, and place a snack on the high or low end of the piano or the grand staff. Our snack mat has a grand staff on one side, and a piano keyboard on the other. There is also a section for listening for fast/slow, soft/loud and short/long notes.

This is just one of the fun activities included in our Spectacular Spring! lesson plan. If you haven't entered our giveaway yet, don't forget to enter! Giveaway ends Monday, April 16.

Also available on the "Printables & Downloads" page!

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