New Printable: Piano Point Card

I hope you all are having a wonderful evening! I have another free printable for you tonight...something super simple that has been a big hit in my studio.

I have often used some kind of practice incentive in my studio, the most effective (and simple) being some type of card where students can keep track of points earned for various activities. I used to give out points for things such as: reaching a weekly practice goal, passing off a piece, coming to lessons prepared, performing a piece, etc. Most recently, I decided to try out a fabulous idea that I read on Laura's blog months ago.

Basically, I handed out a list of "Signs of a Good Student" at the beginning of the semester. I used many of Laura's same items, and added or adapted others. Each week, students start out the lesson by choosing a "mystery card," which has one of the signs of a good student on the back. During the lesson I watch to see if they did it, and if they did they get a point on their point card.

Students fill out the point card by placing a sticker on one of the keys. Once the keyboard is filled, they earn a prize. I have found this to be a great way to encourage good practice habits in my studio. I like that the card can take awhile to fill out (with students usually earning one point per week, and sometimes bonus points for various things), but also does not include too many spots for stickers that it is unattainable.

Download the point card here or on my "Printables & Downloads" page. Cut it in half and you've got two point cards. Enjoy!

What type of practice incentives do you use in your studio?

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