ten ways to use your continued piano study to influence your studio

Play at your students' recitals - not only is it a great excuse for you to perform, but it's a wonderful way to show your students and their parents that you know what you're doing and that you practice just like they do, and to introduce them to some great repertoire.

Perform at a group class or performance/master class - a fun, informal opportunity to play for your students, giving them an opportunity to hear you play

Give new students a recording of your playing - I like to do this at interviews; I give them a copy of my resume and a CD recording. Of course you could also just perform for them!

Perform in some local ensembles or as an accompanist - I believe that participation in ensemble/accompanying work is extremely important in becoming a good, well-rounded musician. I have found that through accompanying I have learned so much about music-making, teaching, learning, listening, and performance, and I think that has helped in my own teaching. Plus, when you are involved in performances, you can always invite your students to attend!

Accompany your students in duets, concertos, etc. - Fun fun. Another great excuse to perform! Someday I will have two pianos and cannot wait for all the fun two-piano pieces that can be played....

Sight read through (or do a more in-depth study of) intermediate/teaching repertoire - then, of course, you will be much more familiar with it, be better able to choose good repertoire for each student, and will be able to teach it more effectively!

Be involved in studio practicing competitions! - ever think of this? I have never done this but think it could be super fun! You could even do something fun like students getting a prize if they practice more than the teacher - holy motivation! If that doesn't get you practicing, I don't know what would. And it might just motivate your students quite a bit, as well.

Learn or re-learn more advanced repertoire being studied by your students - that way you will be able to be so much more aware of the techniques needed and the difficult passages coming up, and will be able to teach the piece so much more effectively. You will also be able to demonstrate passages and techniques much more easily :)

Perform a solo recital for students or prospective students - could be a great way to get new students, and something wonderful to work towards in your own practicing!

Take piano lessons again! - I would love to do this sometime. What a wonderful way to improve not only your performance skills, but your teaching skills! Each teacher I have had has taught me so many things that I have been able to incorporate into my own teaching - what a great way to get some fresh ideas and perspective.

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