Now Available: Muscle Builder Book 5

Now available in the Store is the next volume of the My Muscle Builder Book technique series! I'm super excited about Book 5 and about all of the things students have learned once they have reached this level. In this book we are using our "Sneaky Thumbs" and finger crossovers learned in previous volumes to play two-octave major scales!

Students will learn the basic scale fingering patterns and put them to good use on and off of the piano. We review our minor triads and then use them to play some fancy, musical arpeggios on both ends of the piano.

We also start dabbling in full-octave arpeggios, using the black-key major keys of D-flat, E-flat, G-flat, A-flat and B-flat. Students will really have a fun time as they cross over and under and play all over the piano in 19 different keys! As always, this Muscle Builder Book is in full color and includes all of the colorful picture scales and arpeggios to help students of all ages become literate at the piano.

Also available to purchase is the companion Muscle Builders Extras pack, including 3 full-color picture scale/arpeggio reference sheets and a "Book 5 At a Glance" page, where teachers or students can keep track of their Book 5 technique progress on one handy sheet. I recommend printing the Muscle Builder Book 2 pages per sheet in booklet format.

My Muscle Builder Book 5 and the Book 5 Extras pack may be purchased in the Store or at the bottom of this post. Enjoy some preview page views below. Have a happy new teaching year!

My Muscle Builder Book 5
40 pages, digital download
Price: $10.00
After purchasing, you are authorized to print out as many copies as needed for your own personal piano studio only.

My Muscle Builder Extras - Book 5
4 pages, digital download
Price: $1.99

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