Autumn Time is Here!

As is obvious from my last post, I am way excited about Autumn! The other day I got giddy when I noticed pumpkin decorations outside of a grocery store. I can't wait for the leaves on our 5 or 6 huge trees to change colors. I'm even sort of excited to rake said leaves. At this time of year I always have Vivaldi's "Autumn" (3rd movement) running through my head with the lyrics we sing at our preschool Early Explorers class.

Who else is excited for Autumn?? Who would like to try out the Amazing Autumn preschool lesson plan for free? I'd love to give away THREE free copies of the Amazing Autumn Early Explorers lesson plan! Are you interested? Just leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing for a free copy. For an extra entry, subscribe to my blog and leave an extra comment letting me know you did. For an additional extra entry, share a link to this post via Facebook, Pinterest, or another social media site of your choice, and leave an additional comment letting me know you did. I will draw the three winners on Monday, September 1.
And for all those of you who want to try out this amazing lesson plan and don't want to wait and try your chances at winning (I never win these things!! haha), I am offering the Amazing Autumn lesson plan at 25% off until the first day of Autumn, which according to Google is September 23.

You may purchase it at the discounted rate only in this post - if you purchase it in the Teaching Studio Store it will not be the discounted rate. Got it?

Special Discount - Amazing Autumn Early Explorers Lesson Plan
Price: $7.50

Happy Autumn!

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