Old Friends & New Acquaintances

Today as I unpacked my music room I found some old friends and new acquaintances. It was so good to see them and they sure inspired me to practice! Meet some of them....

Shostakovich Preludes & Fugues. LOVE these. I played the E minor ones in college and they are so gorgeous. Lots of good gems in this book!

Jeux d'Eau - ahhhh I love this piece. Sadly it has been a long, long time since I have played it. Time to get it back out, I believe!

Debussy! Reminds me of when I sight read this whole book for my Summer Sightreading Challenge. Some gorgeous pieces here.

CHOPIN - enough said!! Lots of favorites here, many I have studied and learned really well, others I have just begun or played for fun. My music room would not be complete without these guys...

One I haven't really played but takes me back to college. I'm thinking I need to play some Schumann again! He is one of my faves.

Well this looks fun! A fairly new volume that has not been played much.

Annnnnnnd...some jazz keyboard tunes. I was never super great at these but sure loved playing from this fakebook! It's fun to get it out again...

And for now many of our favorites (my husband plays, too!) will be living here next to the piano. Welcome, friends!