Now Available: Muscle Builder Pack 1 with Extras!

Now available in the Teaching Studio store is the Muscle Builder Pack 1 with Extras! This pack includes My Muscle Builder Books 1 through 4 (at a discounted rate when you buy them together), as well as some extras to go along with each level. One thing that readers have been wanting to go with the Muscle Builder books are some scale reference sheets that students can keep in their binders for a quick reminder of the notes in each scale. I have created reference sheets for each level, as well as some "At a Glance" sheets listing each exercise in each level - great for keeping track of each of your students' progress through the Muscle Builder books! Here is what the Muscle Builder Pack 1 includes:


Book 1
My Muscle Builder Book 1
Book 1 Extras: Book 1 at a Glance; Major 5-Finger Scales Reference Sheet

Book 2
My Muscle Builder Book 2
Book 2 Extras: Book 2 at a Glance; Major & Minor 5-Finger Scales Reference Sheet; Chord Inversion Reference Sheet

Book 3
My Muscle Builder Book 3
Book 3 Extras: Book 3 at a Glance, includes Tonic & Dominant Chords Reference Sheet

Book 4
My Muscle Builder Book 4
Book 4 Extras: Book 4 at a Glance; Black Key 5-Finger Scales

If you have already purchased the books and are interested in downloading the extras, they will be available for individual download shortly! (Like, once my children are napping - ha!)

For those of you who are new to the Muscle Builder books, here is a little description of these fun technique books!

My Muscle Builder Books are illustrated, step-by-step piano technique booklets designed to help even your youngest students learn correct piano techniques and become fluent in playing chords and scales all over the keyboard. Emphasis is placed on playing the exercises with a musical purpose, and many articulations and techniques are introduced. Each scale or exercise is clearly illustrated using colorful circles on a keyboard, making it possible for young students to use the books beginning at their very first lesson! The booklets are attractive and colorful and include spaces to pass off each exercise with a sticker. These booklets will give students a sound foundation in their piano technique and their understanding of keyboard fundamentals.  
Print out the books in booklet form and staple or spiral-bind and distribute to the students in your own private studio for a fun way to learn, practice, and pass off piano technique exercises. Students and parents will appreciate the simple, step-by-step instructions included on each page that will ensure your students are practicing correctly at home. Also included in this pack are some extras to go along with each level. You may want to print out the “At a Glance” sheets to keep in your teaching binder to keep track of each individual student’s progress, and the scale reference sheets are great for your students’ binders as quick reminders of the notes in each scale.

Purchase the Muscle Builder Pack 1 here, or on the Muscle Builder page. Happy scale-playing, y'all!

My Muscle Builders - Pack 1 (Books 1 through 4 plus extras)
Price: $27

*Post Edit: Extras are now available for Books 1 through 4!

Book 1 Extras 
(Includes Book 1 At a Glance and 5-Finger Scale Reference Sheet. 3 Pages.)
Price: FREE
Download here

Book 2 Extras
(Includes Major/Minor 5-Finger Scale Reference Sheet, a Chord Inversion Reference Sheet, and Book 2 At a Glance. 5 Pages.)
Price: $1.99

Book 3 Extras
(Includes Book 3 At a Glance and a Tonic & Dominant Chords Reference Sheet. 1 Page.)
Price: $1.99

Book 4 Extras
(Includes Major Black-Key 5-Finger Scale Reference Sheet and Book 4 At a Glance. 2 Pages.)
Price: $1.99

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