What are your favorite Christmas pieces?

It's mid-October, and do you know what that means? I am pulling out my Christmas music, as I'm sure many of you are as well! Hooray!! It's my favorite time of the year. As musicians we are lucky because since we need to practice, we get to start getting excited for Christmas sooner than other people! ;) I love it.

So, I have some friends on Facebook discussing Christmas repertoire, and so I thought, why don't we all collaborate and share some of our favorite Christmas pieces, and then I will compile a big old list for everyone to enjoy. I always love finding new Christmas pieces, so I'm excited! Here we go!

If you have a holiday favorite, fill out this quick form. Be sure to let us know what style it is in, and if it is more advanced (for all of us teachers or advanced students to enjoy playing) or more for younger students.

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