Guest Contributor: Christie Sowby

Today I am excited to introduce another fabulous guest contributor, Christie Sowby! She is a pianist and
piano teacher and is currently studying to get her DMA in piano performance. I can't wait for you to read about her experiences teaching piano lessons online! But first, let's get to know her a little.

Christie K Sowby

Cottonwood Heights, Utah

she is: 
A wife, musician, pianist, organizer, creative, passionate about all things music 

she attended: 
Brigham Young University, Harvard University, New England Conservatory and the University of Utah

Is attending the University of Utah to earn her DMA in piano performance

her studio: 
Has talented, gifted and hard-working students. Christie thrives from the energy, consistency and dedication of these students. She loves to work with them and their families.

she loves: 
Spending time with her husband, Rob. Also reading, recording, performing, arranging, decorating, cooking, serving others, and working with the youth in her church (

she recently: 
Released two piano apps that have sold around the world. Check out Visual Piano Scales and Piano Technique for you and your students here:

Piano Technique

Visual Piano Scales

her studio website: (until I come up with something better…)

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