Guest Contributor: Kristin Jensen

Good morning, piano teachers! Today I am excited to introduce a fabulous guest contributor who is going to share with us some great ideas about teaching our young students about improvisation and composition.

Kristin Jensen is a piano teacher who specializes in teaching kids to create their own music. Kristin loves working with young musicians and developing creative ways to accelerate their learning. Welcome to the Teaching Studio, Kristin! Here's a little bit about her.

Kristin Jensen


she is: 
A happy wife and the mother of a darling toddler boy. Kristin and her husband will be welcoming their second child into their family in less than 3 weeks!

she attended: 
Brigham Young University, majoring in *gasp* biology. You’ll see Kristin’s nerdy side come out in her blog when she discusses the powerful impact of musical training on neurological development.

Hanging in there for the last few weeks before the baby comes and trying to continue teaching ‘till the very last moment!

her studio: 
Includes kids as young as four years old. Kristin loves working with these little tikes and helping them create their own music. She places a lot of emphasis on music theory (again, the nerd comes out) and on showing her students how to apply that theory to composition and improv.

she loves:
Designing creative games and composition activities to help her students enjoy learning music theory. She aims to help her student gain a vision for how much fun they can have at the piano when they truly understand how music works. Kristin especially loves seeing the way kids light up after they perform their own masterpieces.

her website:

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