New Item in the Store: Piano Pirate Incentive Pack!

Well folks, it's been awhile! I want to introduce my adorable son, Oliver! He was born promptly on his due date, and is overall a pleasant, sweet little boy. We sure do love him!

I'm also excited to share something new with you that I have been busy working on! I have decided this summer to teach my son James piano lessons (we shall see how it goes, with me being his mother and all :) .... can't hurt to try!). I of course wanted to keep it fun and low-key, especially since he's out of school for the summer and we are always in need of fun things to keep us busy. And we've been sort of into pirates lately at our house - Tinkerbell & Peter Pan, the Swiss Family Robinson (great movie, by the way!). So, I created a fun pirate-themed incentive plan to use for his piano lessons, and I think it would be awesome for YOUR studio to use as well!

My favorite part about this incentive packet is the awesome treasure map! I had a lot of fun making it. It includes eleven destinations (for eleven weeks of lessons), is music/piano-themed, and ends on the "X marks the spot" where a fun treasure is waiting! And it looks pretty awesome enlarged and hanging in your studio.

Basically, students get points each week for assignments practiced and such, and as they earn points they move along on the treasure map. Each week they should be able to arrive at one of eleven destinations, where they have a chance to open your studio treasure chest and pick a fun prize. At the end of the eleven weeks, you can have a bigger treasure chest waiting with a fun end-of-the-semester prize of your choice. My son is really enjoying it and is so excited when he gets to put his stickers on the map and get closer to each destination!

So what does this incentive pack include? You get the awesome treasure map. You get two 14-page student "pirate assignment books" to use for the entire eleven weeks. These include space to write down weekly assignments in different categories, and a section to mark off practicing done on each part of the lesson. Each week's page includes a fun picture of the destination on the map for that week. One book is for beginners, and includes songs, muscle builders, workbook (theory), and games/activities, and the other is for more advanced students and includes sections to write down repertoire, technique, and theory. Also included are some cards with good habits that piano students should have, and instructions for a way to implement those into the lesson for the student to earn "pirate piano points." And there are, of course, ideas and suggestions on how to use all of this and how to make it a super fun program! I've done all the work for you, all you need is to get a couple of treasure chests and some prizes and you will be set!

Come on over and visit The Teaching Studio Store, where this Piano Pirate Incentive Pack is now available for purchase! Or, you can purchase it directly from this post. I hope you enjoy! Anchors aweigh!

Piano Pirate Incentive Pack
Price: $10.00