Music Totes & New Years Practicing Resolutions!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. And oh, by the way...remember me? :) It's been awhile! I'm so happy to be back today to show you some super cute music totes that are perfect for carrying those piano books around. 

I remember when I was about six or seven, my Mom made my sister and I tote bags for our piano books. Mine was lined with pink fabric and had a pink apple painted on the outside pocket. I sure got a lot of good use out of that bag, and I still treasure it today! 

Margaret from Southpaw Crafts contacted me about trying out one of her cute music totes and I was so excited! I love this "Piano Gal" tote and have put it to use holding all of the current piano music I am working on (New Years practicing resolution, anyone??). (Speaking of practicing, one of my dear teachers always told me that I should always be working on a Bach Prelude and Fugue and a Beethoven Sonata - so inside my tote bag I've got my trusty Well-Tempered Clavier to learn Fugue #1, which I love but have never learned, Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata 3rd movement - my kids LOVE to sing along! - and a Chopin Scherzo for good measure!)

Anyway, back to Southpaw Crafts - Margaret has a nice variety of quality music totes in her Etsy shop. I love the cute sayings, such as "Keep Calm and Practice On," and the simple look of the black and white vinyl lettering and graphics. These are so fun for students - I think having a fun bag for their music and flashcards is a nice motivator! She also has some other cute music-related items in her shop, including some cute "rest" throw pillows (perfect for your studio's waiting room!) and a kitchen "staff" apron. Head on over to her shop and check it out! Also, she let me know that she will be hosting a giveaway on her Facebook page, so be sure to "like" it to get all the details.

Happy practicing!