Teaching Tip Tuesday: Visualize the Music

Teaching Tip #8: Visualize the Music

All of my beginning students do five-finger scales/arpeggios/chords each week. Sometimes it's fun to give them a new way to visualize these scales! I had a lot of success with my youngest student (4 years old) learning her C Major five-finger scale using these colorful fuzzies as a reminder of which notes to play! I sent the fuzzies home with her in a little baggie and she got to put them on her piano to find the right notes so she could "tip-toe up the keys."

Another great way for young students to visualize scales (and to experience them in a whole new way using their whole body!) is to use a giant floor piano and colorful beanbags. Students can actually "tip-toe up the keys" and even "play" the scale in different ways - short or long (hopping or slowly stepping), soft or loud (saying the letter names soft or loud and stomping or tip-toeing), etc.

What are some ways you help your students to visualize the music?

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