Little Musicians

Yesterday was the last day of our current session of our Early Explorers music class and it was such a blast that I just had to share!

Our theme was "All About Me." We taught the children about all of the different parts of our bodies we use to make music and learned how we are each musicians!

We had this cute little musician on our flannel board that we put together one piece at a time, doing a fun song or activity to go with each of its features. Children got to take turns coming up to choose which body part we would learn about next.

For example, when the smile was chosen we talked about how music can sound happy or sad, and how it can make us feel happy or sad! We introduced our friend Major/Minor Frog (a last-minute idea that the kids loved). We listened to a piece by Mozart with alternating major/minor sections and the children enjoyed hopping around happily and catching flies during the major sections, and then being sad, grumpy frogs (who couldn't find any flies to eat) during the minor sections. We saw some awesome frowny faces during the minor sections. They loved it!

By the end of the hour we had our little musician all put together! The children then got to color their own picture of themselves - they each got a blank outline to fill in/color (just like our little musician) and it said "I Am a Musician!"

What a fun class it was! The kids really enjoyed it. Preschool music classes are such a joy!

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