Teaching Tip Tuesday: Kids LOVE Stickers.

Teaching Tip #5: Kids LOVE Stickers

At times when a little more motivation is needed but you don't want your students to only practice because they want to win a really cool prize, I have found that stickers work like a dream. They are inexpensive and with a large variety your student will never get tired of receiving them. Something about those cute little sticky circles have an almost magic effect on a young child - eyes light up and excitement mounts as they get to pick their own sticker (the ballerina and the pony go the fastest in my studio) and put it on the page in their spot of choice.

My young students get to put a sticker on the page of their piece when they pass it off. We pass off technique assignments with stickers. I use them to show on a picture of a keyboard which notes are needed in an arpeggio. Sometimes after a really good lesson a student gets to pick one to put on their shirt. You get the idea. We love stickers in my studio! Sometimes I even give them to teenagers or adults - because let's face it, old people love stickers too!

p.s. If you want some really cute music-related stickers, check out the Music for Little Mozarts sticker book, available on Amazon.com. They are super cute!

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