Teaching Tip Tuesday: Ask Questions

Teaching Tip #6: Ask Questions!

A great way to teach is by asking questions. And by actually waiting for the student to come up with an answer! I think that so often we ask a question to a student who sits there timidly for a moment, and too soon we jump right in and tell them the answer. When a student knows you actually are waiting to hear their answer, they will become more accountable for their practicing and for their music knowledge.

I recently had a student play a piece that was very well-learned, and being so pleased with their hard work I asked them, "What are some ways you practiced this song that helped you to learn it so well?" Posing a question that makes them really ponder how the practicing process yields good results, while at the same time complimenting their hard work, can be so effective in reinforcing good practice habits.


Anonymous said...

I will ask that question today to three of my students who play well, and must practice well, too!

Melissa said...

What a great question! I think I will have to steal it for my students as well. :)

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