Teaching Tip Tuesday: Look Inside the Piano!

Teaching Tip #2: Look Inside the Piano!

So, this may be a silly question...

...but have your students ever seen the inside of a piano? Do they actually know how it works? Do they know that the sound is made by hammers hitting strings? Have they seen the dampers at work? Do they know how the damper pedal works? Do they really have an understanding of how cool and intricate the inside of a piano is, and what an amazing instrument this really is?

If the answer is no, then waste no more time - open up that baby and let them climb up on a chair and see it in "action" (pun intended)! Then let them play some notes or a piece or some arpeggios with the damper pedal (if they haven't tried it already) and not only will they have lots of fun, but will also understand why it sounds the way it does.

Photo Credit:
     GBHPhotoArts | CC 2.0

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