Note Spelling Off of the Bench

Sometimes, especially with the younger students and their shorter attention spans, you just need to get off the piano bench! This week in my studio we have been playing a game with my grand staff flannel board and some big, colorful fuzzy pom-poms from the craft store.

We take turns rolling a fuzzy onto the board (like bowling!) and then see if we can name the note it lands on - either by line or space, or by the actual note name if the student knows them. 

After all of the fuzzies are on the board, it's fun to try playing it on the piano and see what song we came up with!

This is also a fun way to teach note names to a student, or as a fun alternative to flashcards. I think that children learn so well by play, that the more creative teaching aids we can use in our studios, the better they will learn and the more fun they will have!

What are some fun ways you get off the bench during your piano lessons to teach concepts in creative ways?

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