Summer Piano Movie Night!

There are lots of great flicks out there about the piano and music, or that feature some great piano performances - many of which might be great for showing clips of at a studio class of some sort, or for curling up and having your very own summer piano movie night!

They Came to Play
This is a film about the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, hosted by the Van Cliburn Foundation. An inspiring film for any pianist - even for those who may take a few years off for some reason or other (which I love because as a young mother it is hard to find the time to practice!). I know that this film is available for instant streaming on Netflix!

The Music Instinct: Science & Song (PBS)
This is a fascinating documentary about the relationship between music and the brain. Also available on Netflix instant streaming, for those of you who do Netflix.

The Art of Piano: Great Pianists of the 20th Century
I have yet to watch this whole film, but recently discovered it on YouTube and I am so excited to watch it and learn more about famous pianists!

Note By Note: The Making of Steinway L1037
I just barely started watching this a couple of days ago and still need to finish it, but find it so interesting! I think it's wonderful to learn about the process of making a great piano. This is also available on Netflix!

Any Victor Borge special!
Who doesn't love Victor Borge? I think I may need to add this to my wishlist!
Victor Borge Classic Collection

How about some Marx Brothers?
I was introduced to the Marx Brothers by my husband and in-laws, and these are so fun to watch! These guys are really so talented. You gotta love their technique, especially their glissandos!

What other movies would you add to the list?

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