Summer in My Studio

Ah, summer! For a piano teacher, summer can mean different things - maybe it's a not-as-busy time with students taking a little time off; maybe it is busier than ever (but also more fun than ever!) with summer camps and programs! Although we have visited this topic before, I thought that with the summer fast approaching it would be a good topic to revisit!

What kinds of things do you like to do in your studio in the summer?

My summer (as far as piano teaching goes) will be like this:

*teaching as normal, except that I am more flexible with scheduling due to family vacations and the like; students still pay in advance at the beginning of the month, but we sit down and pull out the calendar in advance to decide how many lessons each student will receive.

*a friend and I will be holding the second session of our Early Expressions Piano Preschool Camp! We are super excited. More on planning a summer camp later...

*my baby will arrive at the end of July, so I will be taking off all of August and half of September for a maternity leave of sorts. Before that happens, I plan to come up with plenty of things for each student to work on/practice for that month and a half while I am not teaching! I am thinking memorizing pieces, doing some listening assignments to become more familiar with some great piano literature, theory and ear training practice online, and "checking in" with me periodically via email.

So, tell me, what does your summer look like this year?

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