Let's play!

I was recently told by a family member about a music program for children called Let's Play Music. I was perusing their website and just had to share this video about the program...it not only looks like a fabulous program for young children (and so much fun!), but made me SO excited about teaching music to youngsters! I love their philosophy that music is learned best through play; I think that it is so important to help young children experience the fun and joy in music. I feel so motivated and inspired to make my own preschool program tons of fun as well!


Wendy Chan said...

Hi Jenny,
Glad to hear you've found a music program you're excited to teach. I felt the same way when I discovered Music for Young Children..
It's such a delight watching these children having fun and learning at the same time. It's quite a turning point for me and life as a teacher has never been the same. I think this is an exciting discovery...look forward to hearing more about it.

Heidi said...

I enjoyed going to one of their connections trainings recently from a teacher in my area. I love how it includes so much preparation specifically for keyboard success in a fun way.

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