Introducing Classical Music to Children

A friend recently emailed a wonderful NPR article to me about introducing classical music to kids. I think it makes an excellent point that children really are so open to experiencing great music, and that we should give them opportunities to listen to and experience the classics. I know that my own son loves music, and especially seems to react wonderfully to the classics - singing classical tunes over and over during playtime, dancing around the room to a Beethoven sonata, listening so intently (and seeming to be so almost moved) by beautiful orchestra works.

I love this paragraph from the article:
The music belongs to children just as much it belongs to "us" — the ones with the years of listening experience, who have already absorbed current conventions of concert-going practice (don't applaud between movements, obey the dress code, etc.), and who might well have had years of formal training. Classical music isn't a museum piece to be looked at and not touched, as it were.

From the video included at the end of the article, I also discovered some fun videos for youngsters about classical music. Take a look!

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