Musical Easter Egg Hunt

I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful online network of piano teaching bloggers, because I am so grateful for all of the wonderful ideas you all share!

This morning I was reading this post on Heidi's Piano Studio, and decided to use her great idea and adapt it for my preschool student who came later this morning. (Thanks, Heidi!!)

I got out my stash of colorful craft foam (seriously, it is the best stuff!), some paper, a pen, some tape, and an egg-shaped cookie cutter...

...and made these fun Easter egg preschool flashcards!

I included things that we have learned during lessons in the past little while, including things such as:

  • rhythms to clap, including rests
  • line notes vs. space notes
  • steps and skips
  • treble clef and bass clef
  • the staff
  • finger numbers
  • high notes & low notes on the staff
  • Presto and Adagio

I hid them around the room, and my student had lots of fun hunting for eggs and then identifying the things on the back! My three-year-old son got his turn after my student left, and he loved it as well!

After we found all of the eggs, we lined up the rhythm eggs and tried clapping them in different orders, and playing notes on the piano in the correct rhythm.

I love that with a little creativity, you can turn a boring old flashcard exercise into a fun, memorable learning activity!


Jedda said...

Fun idea! I made these http://thislittleproject.blogspot.com/2011/04/for-eggcellent-students.html
for my kids. You know how we always need a pencil!

Heidi said...

I like your adaptation of this. Isn't teaching preschoolers fun?!

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