Guest Contributor: Heather Husted Wilson

I am pleased to introduce a fabulous guest contributor this week, Heather Husted Wilson! Heather is an amazing pianist and teacher, as well as a mother of two little boys and the writer of a wonderful blog about how to squeeze in all of the important things in life. I could sure use some inspiration in that department, particularly in how to squeeze in my piano practicing! I look forward to her guest post later this week. In the meantime, here is a little bit about her!

Heather Husted Wilson

Cincinnati, Ohio

she is:
a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, cook, teacher, composer, writer, performer, creator, and dreamer

she attended: 
Brigham Young University where she studied with Dr. Irene Perry-Fox and fell in love with Mr.Wilson

kissing owies, wiping tears, cooking up some delicious meals, always cherishing the little things is life, making music, and trying to "squeeze it all in"

her studio: 
includes some pretty wonderful students! One of which is preparing to audition for the BYU School of Music next year!

she loves: 
kissing the cheeks of her miracle boys, spending time with her Mr.Wilson, working out, and creating anything beautiful with her hands!

she recently:
entered an original piece of music into an LDS songwriter's competition...we'll see come July!

her website:
squeezing it all in

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