Piano Teaching Q&A: Group Classes

I have a small studio and would like to start doing group classes for my students. How many of these classes are good in a given 'semester'? One or two? Also, I would love to see some discussion or input on what good activities for group classes would be for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Thanks!

Thanks for the question! I thought since we have just spent a lot of time on group teaching this would be a perfect topic to discuss!

I think that having periodic group classes in your studio can be so invaluable to your students. There are so many things you can accomplish in a group class that you cannot in a private lesson. Having said this, I actually have personally never had regular studio classes in my own studio, but definitely plan on it as I am finally going to be staying put in one location for more than a year (hehe) and will have time to build up my studio more :) So please, readers, I'd love your comments and thoughts as well!

A few things that would be absolutely perfect to teach in a group setting:

As far as how many classes to hold during a semester, I think it depends on your goals and the needs of your studio. I know some teachers who hold class monthly and some who hold class once or twice during the whole semester. As a teenager I went to group class about once or twice a semester, usually in the month or two before a recital. The main goal of that class was to practice performing our recital pieces. If your goal is to supplement the private lessons with a theory class, perhaps once a month might be better.

Something else not so important (but worth mentioning) is that treats are always appreciated at such events :) There was never a studio class that went by in my teenage years without receipt of a Creamie at the end.

So readers, now it is your turn! I'd love your input about specific game/activity ideas for group classes, and any other suggestions on this topic.

If you have a question about piano teaching that you'd like to ask us, please leave it in a comment or submit it here! Thanks!

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