Introducing the Keyboard

I'd like to share a fun little game that helps introduce the keyboard to young students. I wanted to help my little students learn the layout of the keyboard - that there are groups of two black keys and groups of three black keys, and that these alternate. I also wanted to make it fun, rather than sit them down on the bench, explain how the keyboard is laid out, and then show them the keys (we don't want to bore these kids!!).

So, I made a Giant Keyboard puzzle. Each piece contains either a group of two black keys or a group of three black keys. Students can sit on the floor and try to put the puzzle together the right way. I like to just sit on the floor with them and talk about the keyboard there as we do the puzzle. Later you can go to the piano and play the black keys. Once you put the puzzle together, there are so many ways you can use your new giant keyboard to teach new concepts (some of which I will share with you in upcoming posts)!

I love this because it is super simple to make and to use, and it gets young ones having fun while learning about the piano. You can also keep a copy for your studio and send home individual giant keyboards with each young student. I have included two different versions you can choose from - one with the black keys filled in, and one with them not filled in (for others like me who frequently run out of black ink and feel like doing some coloring! haha). I printed three copies for my giant keyboard (so I can make three octaves), but you can print however many you want. I cut out each piece, and then I mounted mine on colorful cardstock to make them a little more sturdy and fun. Laminating them would also be an excellent idea, so they will last longer! Enjoy!

(...and stay tuned for a fun giveaway coming up!)

Giant Keyboard Black Filled In

Giant Keyboard

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