Using Recording Equipment in the Studio

Alright, so I actually don't own any fancy recording equipment. But, I have enjoyed using a little bit of audio and video recording during my lessons to help get my students to pay attention to what is coming out of the piano. Because seriously, sometimes we can get so caught up with what our fingers are doing, what the notes on the page are doing, what our feet are doing with the pedals and all of the counting going on inside our head that we forget to listen. Go figure. I swear, you have got to be some kind of crazy multi-tasker to be a pianist!

So, enter technology - whether it be some kind of nice and expensive recording equipment, or something a little more common and affordable, like a small tape recorder of some sort or even an iPod (my iPod records sound and video - not the best quality out there but it definitely works). Here are a couple of ways to use this during a lesson:

How do you use recording equipment in your studio?

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