I wanted to share a few wonderful things I have discovered lately:

1. This fun blog, Music for Tots. I love this post about making a difference in someone's life.

2. Another great piano blog, Gretchen's Pianos, and this post that tells how sometimes "enthusiasm trumps experience!" Love it.

3. These. Although not exactly piano-related (hehe), these were my usual practice break treat in college, and they are a-mazing. Last week when my usual dark chocolate wasn't available at the store I decided to try extra-dark....mmmmmm...

4. A great scale preparation exercise, or spider fingers - what a great idea! I love this blog by pianist/writer/teacher Amy Greer, who I first became familiar with by reading her column in American Music Teacher five years ago.

5. Dvorak piano quartets (or maybe quintets?) a couple of weeks ago I went to the grocery store at night after putting my son to bed. As I pulled out of the garage and turned on the classical music station I heard the most gorgeous music. After sitting in the grocery store parking lot for a few minutes and realizing that an entire new movement was just starting, I called my husband and asked him to google the radio station, listen online and find out the name of the piece! Well, he caught part of the name and we know it is either a Dvorak piano quartet or a quintet....quite possibly this one, but I'm still not sure. Either way, it's gorgeous!

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