Getting off of the bench...

I wanted to share something fun that has been really great for my young students (and my young son loves it too!). Sometimes (especially with young students who have the wiggles) sitting on the piano bench for an entire lesson is just out of the question. Young children need to move around, their minds and imaginations sometimes go at a mile a minute, and their attention spans can be so short at times.

So at times like this, I like to whip out my roll-up piano! This thing is so cool. Of course it does not have the same feel as a real piano, but it really does work. It is perfect for sitting on the floor and learning about the keyboard. You can use it to teach theory concepts, the layout of the piano keys, note names, chords, etc. Plus it is so darn cool that students will be so interested and get a real kick out of it. This thing is awesome, it is so portable and really works quite well. I definitely recommend it for young students, and think that anything to make lessons more fun and exciting will have an impact on the success of the students.

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