Weekend Repertoire: New Feature!

I have noticed that many readers and visitors to this blog have shown an interest in finding new repertoire to teach their students, particularly at the intermediate level. So it got me thinking. I have decided to start a new feature where we will feature a piece of repertoire and discuss its background, what level of student it is appropriate for, and what concepts and techniques it is great for teaching; and we will share a few tips on how to teach it! I am really excited about this, and hope to have a post on this topic every other week or so. And on the off-weeks.....

I love discovering "new" (well, new to me at least!) piano literature - listening to it, reading about it, playing it. Many of the pieces I have learned in the past (or have started to learn, or have on my "repertoire wish list" to learn in the future) are pieces I have heard others perform. I once attended a Leon Fleisher recital, where he played a beautiful transcription (by Egon Petri) of Bach's Sheep May Safely Graze that moved me so much that I just HAD to learn it. I opened my senior recital with that piece.

The point is, I love discovering new pieces! It is inspiring and motivating, and makes me excited to continue my learning and continue to develop my piano talents. So I have decided to start a new feature on The Teaching Studio to help us all become familiar with great pieces from piano literature, learn a little about composers and music history, and hear some great music.

So each weekend we will feature a piece of repertoire - either for your inspiration and enjoyment, or to give you ideas on what to teach your students. I am so excited!

Have a great weekend!

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