Some software that I LOVE

Pianomouse Goes to Preschool, Hybrid CD-ROM
So I need to tell you about some awesome piano/music software that I just bought.

I currently have a little student who is preschool-aged (not to mention an almost-3 son who LOVES learning about music and piano with his mommy). Because of Janina's recommendation, I decided to buy Pianomouse Goes to Preschool. And let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE this software! You should go buy it. Seriously.

This software is published by Pianomouse (and I just discovered that if you go to their website,, they are currently updating their software and creating a new product line for 2011 - can't wait!) and it is made for children ages 3 through 5.

Some things I love about this software:

Children select games from the interactive menu screen. As you move your mouse over each picture, the names of each game are narrated by the fun characters.

The software consists of twelve different games, some of which have a couple of different levels -

Gone Fishing

The Apple Note Farm

Musical ABCs
Khachaturian's Keyboard

Pianomouse Coloring Book
Clara in the Concert Hall
Meet a Famous Composer
Pianomouse Concentration
Instrument Parade

Puccini's Musical Hopscotch
Pianomouse's Music Workshop

I think that this software is an excellent addition to any music class or studio that involves young children. It helps give them a great foundation for their continued music and piano study.

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