Poll Results: Over-Scheduled Students

Thanks to all who participated in our poll! Here are the results:

Do you ever have any issues with students who are just too darn busy to practice?

Looks like this is definitely a common concern!

We also had a great comment from a reader, Renee, who said this:

Interestingly, our area was hit by a huge storm last week that knocked out everyone's electricity, canceled school functions, and canceled extracurricular sports, etc.. My student's piano practice shot through the roof! This week has shown incredible results. I think they are also shocked with their own rapid improvement. It showed me what these children are really capable of doing on the piano, if they just had more free time.

What an interesting thing! I think that a lot of our students don't realize their real potential and what they could accomplish if they would just practice more consistently (and more often!).

Thanks to all your input! Stay tuned for our upcoming topic and a couple of new features on The Teaching Studio!

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